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Earn Over $1200.00 Per Night Effortlessly at Online Poker Sit-N-Go (SNG) Tournaments…

Dear Poker Player,

Are you sick and tired of losing your hard earned money at your online poker game?  Wouldn’t you like to play poker with complete confidence and know the exact strategic system to cash in at every Poker Sit and Go Tournament you play, every single time?

Is it just me? Or do you have every…

  • 200+ page poker strategy book
  • Sophisticated poker software
  • Poker secrets exposed eBook
  • Instructional poker audio CD

Do you think these professional poker players are going to tell you anything new? You're going to get the same information you probably already know.  You already know you got to be aggressive; you already know it's better to bet rather than call; you already know your table position is important…You don't need another five-pound book to tell you that.

But when it comes to sit and go tourneys, not one of these poker professionals discuss SNG tactics, mainly because most of these poker strategy books are OUT-DATED!

SNG's are the new-breed of online tournaments.  Small, ready-to-go poker tourney's that are quick and convenient for any poker player.  You’ll soon learn the exact system other sit and go pro’s DON’T want you to know about!

You May Be Scratching Your Head…

“Will the SIT-N-GO PRO System Work for You?”

So, you want to know the real difference between making money with my SNG System versus regular poker strategies?

Sit and go’s have a start to finish:  an early, middle, and late stage of game play.  Winning at a sit and go requires a different strategy – This system is completely different from the typical poker strategies used to winning a cash or a big tournament game.  And the best part of the SNG system, you’ll soon learn, you can repeat your success over and over again with the same system to get into the money every single time!


 That’s where I come in!

“How an Average Joe, Turned Poker Pro, Makes $15,000 a Month Playing SNG Tournaments…
…and Quit His Job for Good!”

Yes, it’s true!  My name is Jonathan Rothman, many call me Johnny, my friends call me 'JR', and I've been playing online poker at various poker sites that feature high stakes sit and go tournaments.  Such well-known poker sites such as Titan Poker, Pokerstars, Partypoker, Pokerroom, Bodog, Full Tilt, and a few others.

I've been winning cash games and tournaments consistently, but my real niche are Sit and Go tournaments.  In 2005, I've cashed over $110,000 playing multi-table SNG's and this year is only getting better.  Since Febuary 2006, I've been averaging $1,200 a day playing $100 buy-in single table Sit and Go's.  You do the math!

People often ask me how I got started…Well, here's my story.

I graduated from college with a degree in computer science and got a job as a system's analyst.  I had an average job, paying an average salary.  At the same time I was playing Texas Holdem poker on the side.  Naturally, I became good enough at poker to make consistent winnings from playing regular cash games.  To accomplish this consistency I practiced constantly, almost every single night.  I read and reread every poker book out there, analyzing poker hands to refine my strategy.

After some time and a lot of practice, I was a disciplined grinder and won about 4 out of 5 poker sessions.  Then all of a sudden…


In 2003, poker exploded all over…Online poker was everywhere on the internet and I saw that as an opportunity to take advantage.

It wasn’t until I found Online No Limit Texas Holdem Sit and Go’s, things started to change, drastically!

Why SNG’s?  Let me put it in Laman’s terms:  Playing an SNG is like watching the same movie over and over again…The beginning, middle and ending will always be the same result.   And that’s the secret to SNG’s…If you know the exact winning poker SNG system, you’ll always end up a winner!

  • Our Full-Proof Poker SNG system is unique and the information within cannot be found elsewhere…This is the only SNG system offered to the public that guarantees you cashing in thousands of dollars!

  • After learning the Sit and Go Pro System, you’ll instantly and effortlessly start earning hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every night…And you’ll duplicate your success over and over again!

  • Learning our system will change the way you look at online or live poker forever…And will drastically change your strategy and the style you play to become a killer SNG shark!

Ever since I've started playing online SNG’s, I haven’t looked backed.  I profit an average of $1200.00 per day…Quit my job and now working from the comfort of my own home.

“Don't Take My Word For It…Here's Real PROOF!

It’s now time to let you know how the “Sit and Go Pro” system works…

  • Imagine knowing the exact poker system you can use over and over again to have that killer advantage over your online opponents and make thousands of dollars every night!

  • Imagine starting with a $20 bankroll and doubling, tripling and quadrupling it into thousands of dollars.

  • Imagine making a side income or even a full-time income with poker SNG’s!  Even if you play measley little $5.00 SNG’s and cash-in $20.00 an SNG, doesn’t that pay off one bill? I mean, if you win five $5.00-SNG’s a day and profiting $20 from each one, that’s $100 a DAY.  It could pay off your phone bills, electric bills, or even the gas for your CAR!  The point is, you’re winning – aren’t I right?

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